About Perineologic®

Our Philosophy

Perineologic® is an innovative medical device company focused on developing and delivering technology to improve the safety, precision, and efficiency of healthcare options primarily in the field of urology.

We strongly believe in providing an integrative approach to the treatment of urologic disorders. Many of our philosophies and attitudes regarding patient care resulted from our founder’s own personal battle with cancer, including his decision to become a urologist.

Our Approach

With the adoption of active surveillance, we became extremely concerned with the high likelihood of infections and missed cancers resulting from the current standard of care. There was no existing solution that adequately addressed our concerns so we set out to create a safer and more accurate method for performing the prostate biopsy as well as a device to enable urologists to make the transition to the improved transperineal approach.

After four years of development, the PrecisionPoint® Transperineal Access System, from Perineologic®, is facilitating this transition.

Executive Team

  • Dr. Matthew J. Allaway
    Dr. Matthew J. Allaway
    Founder & CEO
  • Kelli Allaway
    Kelli Allaway
  • Evan Brasington
    Evan Brasington
    CCO, Chief Commercial Officer
  • John Hart, MBA
    John Hart, MBA
    COO, Chief Operating Officer
  • Scott LeBlanc
    Scott LeBlanc
    VP of Finance
  • David Tanksley
    David Tanksley
    Senior VP of Sales
  • Rich Tourtellot
    Rich Tourtellot
    Senior VP of Sales
  • Dave Romero
    Dave Romero
    Head of Digital Content

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