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Understanding Prostate Cancer: NUTRITION & WELLNESS


Leading researchers in the field continually discuss and explore the effects of dietary and lifestyle changes on the development and progression of prostate cancer.

Which foods and nutrients have been shown to benefit men with prostate cancer? How reliable are the data for nutritional strategies in prostate cancer? Are there foods or nutrients that might prevent prostate cancer or even prevent or delay a recurrence of the disease?

Here are some resources to help you answer these questions:

Nutrition, Exercise and Prostate Cancer Guide

By culling data from published literature, this guide offers a comprehensive yet concise overview of where we are today in the search for nutritional approaches to prostate cancer—and reminds us how much more we have yet to learn about how key nutritional strategies can affect the development and progression of this disease.

The Taste for Living Cookbook and The Taste for Living WORLD Cookbook contain recipes that chef Beth Ginsberg created for prostate cancer survivor Mike Milken, who also serves as chairman of PCF.

Each month, chef and PCF consultant Beth Ginsberg provides PCF website visitors and NewsPulse subscribers with recipes, nutrition tips, and menu ideas. From how to eat at the airport to creating full menus, this information is designed to give your diet and the foods you eat a healthy update. Search our database of recipes or browse by category.


Learn more at PCF.org…

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